Contaminated hands can be life threatening, protect your family with a product recommended by hygiene experts!

Healthy Splash is a medical grade SABS approved product.


The SABS logo ensures quality and effectivity, for your peace of mind.  Protect your family and staff members with confidence.

SABS certification guarantees that there is no harmful ingredients in the product and makes it easier to choose when you have a choice of 10 different hand sanitisers to choose from.


Natural emollient inside the Healthy Splash products.


Healthy Splash sanitizer has a proprietary formulation that combines a highly effective emollient with the necessary active ingredients to ensure a well-recognized and effective germ killer.


The emollient combination ensures that continuous use of our product will soften your hand and better the condition of your skin after every wash.Dry and cracked hands are even worse for bacteria, as bacteria stays in the cracks on your hands


Healthy Splash does not leave a sticky residue.


Because there is no residue left on your hands, you can sanitise and after the sanitiser has evaporated on your skin, you can handle your contact lenses.


Healthy Splash dispensers are completely touchless.


Cross contamination Free is the safest and healthiest way of dispensing sanitiser

Minimum spillage due to automatic release system, is a cost saving aspect due to the non-spillage scenario


The Healthy Splash dispenser and the sanitiser are locally manufactured.


Helps to keep costs and lead times in check.

Ease the maintenance and or repair costs of the dispensers

Create jobs in various industries during the manufacturing



Healthy Splash is the ONLY Trademarked, Patented and Manufactured Touchless Dispenser in South Africa