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Hand Sanitizers in South Africa - Healthy Splash

We’re passionate and dedicated about what we do and strive to offer all our clients a quality hand sanitizer in South Africa and the best customer service on the market.
Our range includes antibacterial soaps, solution bags, spray bottles, accessories, and much more.
What are the benefits to correct sanitization?
  • Consistent hand hygiene is correlated to good health and a lower chance of infectious illnesses
  • The killing of bacterial viruses and fungi greatly reduces your chance of infection
  • Good sanitization can help keep your staff healthy
All of our team are committed to the education of sanitization and are always happy to give advice on how you can best employ our excellent products.
We use 100% emollients which will help keep your hands silky smooth with every use.
We’re proud of the great service we offer and you’ll find our products in many of the leading hospitals across the nation. This stands as proof that many people consider us the best when it comes to hand sanitization and we won’t stop until you’re happy.
According to a study from US centres for disease control up to 80% off all infectious diseases are spread by hands. This is why you’ll want to ensure you have the best hand sanitizer from a company with an unrivalled reputation.
We have a very cost effective solution to an extremely common problem.
We improve our systems to make sure that our products are always readily available for customers. browse our selection of  Hygiene products.