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Staying healthy starts with clean hands

Staying healthy starts with clean hands

Staying healthy starts with clean hands

We all seem to live such busy lives these days that keeping our hands clean can be difficult. Germs can be picked up wherever you go. They are at work, on the shelves in the shop and they are most certainly in every bathroom that you will go to. So keeping your hands clean at all times is one of the only ways that you can keep clear of germs. You will never be able to avoid all germs but by using hand sanitizers you are going to have a good chance of staying healthy.

The Centre for Disease Control in the United States says on their website that “Clean hands save lives” and they are quite right because many of the world’s most harmful germs are spread from one person to the next by the hands. Germs can live a long time on the hands and they spread so easily. In fact if you have a harmful germ on your hands and then touch a counter you might have transferred that germ to the counter and then onto the next person who touches the counter. As the CDC says hand washing is like a do-it-yourself vaccine. By washing your hands regularly or by regularly using hand sanitizers, you can reduce the chances of getting germs that cause respiratory problems as well as halt the spread of germs that can cause diarrhoea.

Healthy Splash is a company committed to helping South Africans, as well as the other citizens of Africa, stay healthy. We provide the hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial soaps, liquid hand sanitizers and liquid hand soap, hand wipes and body wipes, soap dispensers and various hygiene products that are able to keep you clean and safe from germs. Many of the products we supply are used within the medical profession which shows the effectiveness of our products.

When should you wish your hands?

The basic guidelines simply say that you need to wash your hands constantly in order to avoid falling ill, or making others sick should you be ill yourself. But this is a very vague instruction, and should it be followed it would mean walking around with a hand sanitizer in your hand, constantly spraying whenever you touch something. You don’t want to come across as rude by constantly cleaning your hands, especially after shaking someone’s hand, so here are the times when it is most important to be cleaning your hands (according to the CDC).

-        Before eating

-        Before, during and after preparing food

-        After touching rubbish

-        After using the toilet

-        After you blow your nose, after you cough or after you sneeze

-        At all times when caring for someone who is sick

-        After changing a nappy, and after cleaning a child who has been to the bathroom

-        After playing with your pets

-        After shopping

While a hand sanitizer is made from anti-bacterial ingredients, should you be washing your hands regularly, it should be noted that simply rinsing your hands with water is not going to be enough. There is a specific way that you need to wash your hands…

1.       Wet your hands with running water and then apply the soap

2.       Rub your hands together well and be sure to get the soap between your fingers and under your nails.

3.       Scrub your hands together

4.       Rinse your hands under clean, running water again

5.       Dry your hands thoroughly on the towel

If you are relying on a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean then you should apply the sanitizer to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then rub the product over the surfaces of your hands and your fingers until your hands are completely dry of the hand sanitising product.

For effective hand sanitizers in South Africa, contact Healthy Splash. We have a variety of products that you can use to stay clean, even when you don’t have running water nearby. 

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