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The hygiene habits that everyone should have and those hygiene products you don’t need

The hygiene habits that everyone should have and those hygiene products you don’t need

The hygiene habits that everyone should have and those hygiene products you don’t need

Using hygiene products is not always enough to keep your body hygienic. While most of us spend a small portion of our monthly salaries on the hygiene products that are going to keep us smelling good while also staying healthy, there are some habits that we might be missing. What you might not know is that there is more to hygiene than being sweet smelling.

Hygiene products come in different varieties and they are all useful in some way or another. Soaps, hand cleaners, body lotions, hand sanitizers and body wipes are all part of the armoury of hygiene products that fend off the germs and the odours. For many people, hygiene is taught at home and when they were children. While some of the hygiene products on the market are essential to your personal healthcare regiment, there are other products whose purposes are completely unnecessary.

It is true that not so long ago, say the 1800’s, that personal hygiene was really not such a big deal. In fact personal hygiene was not a priority at all. Because most of our ancestors were toiling the ground outside to keep food on the table for their families, hygiene was on the bottom of their “to do” list as they knew that they would be dirty and sweaty the next day anyway. In Europe, it was believed that a weekly bath was all that was needed in order to stay clean, but only if there was enough water to be spared. And this was not a habit just for the lower income group, even the rich focused mostly on just staying pleasant for the nose.

But all of that has certainly changed and today the hygiene products industry is making billions every year. It is such a well-supported industry, and the products that are available in the industry are certainly not cheap. But the real truth is that you don’t need all of the products that are on the market in order to stay hygienic and healthy, in fact you can probably get by with just a few products. But let’s first get to those hygiene habits that you need to have.

Hygiene habits you need to have, no excuses

You need to brush your teeth everyday

Some say that investing in an electric toothbrush really is the best thing to do, but really the key lies in brushing your teeth consistently. Electric tooth brushes are great for getting into those difficult to reach places, and with a built in timer you will always be brushing for the recommended 2 minutes. Along with brushing, you should also be flossing. It doesn’t matter if you do it before or after you brush your teeth, it is the hygienic thing to do especially as it freshens your breath and helps to prevent gum disease.  Another thing that you have to do while you are making your mouth all hygienic is to give your tongue a proper brush. The build-up on a tongue is one of the biggest causes of bad breath so it is important to brush your tongue. 

You don’t necessarily have to shower every day

Our bodies are designed in such a way that a daily shower and daily hair washing is not actually a necessity. If you live in a warm area however, you might want to jump through the shower to wash away the day’s stickiness and sweat. Since our skin naturally produces oils, rigorous washing is going to end up with you producing more oil, so for some of us showering every day is counter-productive. Another way to stay hygienic while in the shower is to have a cold shower immediately after your warm shower. Running the cold water over your skin closes the pores and prevents sweating.

Make sure that you wash your feet properly

Only allowing the water to run off of your feet while showering might not be enough for some people to ensure clean smelling feet. Give your feet a good scrub with a cloth, this will ensure that your feet are completely clean.

Change your sheets regularly

You wouldn’t believe the amount of sweat you produce during the night, especially during the summer months. It is recommended that you change your sheets at least once a week, while changing your pillow case just as often is also important. By keeping your sheets and your pillows clean you will be reducing the possibilities of your skin breaking out in acne and other unsightly skin conditions. If your skin is breaking out then change your pillow case more regularly.

Using body wipes to stay fresh is another way to stay hygienic even when you are unable to shower. It is of course not the ideal way to stay clean on a permanent basis but when water is sparse, sometimes using body wipes is the only option you have.

What hygiene products do you really need and which can you do without?

While having hand sanitizer on your desk or in your car is a must all year round, to keep you happy and healthy, and while body wipes are always convenient for a number of reasons, there are some who say that we can get by with just a few hygiene products.

When you walk into your local pharmacy you are likely to be blown away by the sheer number of hygiene products that are on display. Row upon row of hygiene products and most of them you will probably never even use.  While personal care is not only a part of hygienic living, it can also boost your confidence, there are some things you can do without. These are a few hygiene products that you can do without.

Lip Balm

Yes in the air conditioned office your lips might get chapped, and in winter your lips might also suffer a little. But the reality is that your beautiful pout probably doesn’t need that constant layer of moisture. When you leave your lips alone they have the power to produce their own moisture while the lip balm that you are using might many times actually be the cause of dry lips.

After shave

Don’t be misled by adverts and products that tell you that after shave closes your pores. Your pores are actually able to close themselves without any assistance. After shave is to make your skin smell great while also restoring some pH balance after the shaving cream has done its work. And by the way, rum works like a charm as an after shave if you really want to splash your face with something.

Body wash

Wait, what? You heard us, your body doesn’t really benefit from a body wash, but it sure does smell nice. In reality you get more use out of giving your body a rub down with a cloth than you will get from rubbing it up with a body wash.

Hygiene products are there to make our lives a little bit easier. At Healthy Splash we have a variety of hygiene products, hand sanitizers, body wipes and liquid hand soaps, among other things, that can improve your hygiene and keep you safe from germs.


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