Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this product Value for Money?

You can’t put a price on your health! Only the best quality with proven effectivity is good enough. Cheap products often make you wonder if the product does what it claims to do. Tested, proven medical grade products give you piece of mind!

All our Helthy Splash products carry the SABS’s mark of approval which is a small logo applied on the outside of the product. To be licensed to carry this mark, we must adhere to certain specifications depending on the industries we work in and to who we supply the products.

We currently carry 2 permits e.g., is the SANS 1853:2020 (for disinfectant, detergent -disinfectants and antiseptics for use in the food industry) as well as SANS 490:2020 (Alcohol base hand sanitiser and hand rub.)  

We are audited twice a year by the SABS which includes intensive testing of our products at their labs and site visits where we are evaluated on our quality management system and processes. 


Does thie product dry out your hands or leave a sticky residue?

With our natural emollient, your hands are softened with every use. Your skin never had it better before!

Healthy Splash is formulated using natural skin healing and hydration emollients that will improve the condition of the skin with every use.

Specific care is taken to use the best skin compatible emollients that is easily and effectively absorbed through the skin and does not leave a stick residue.

Healthy Splash sanitiser is not a gel base sanitiser, but a liquid sanitiser.


Why should I buy the Healthy Splash dispenser?

Our dispensers have no moving components inside the dispenser and for this reason, there are very few or no breakdowns. Most; if not all the touchless dispensers available in the market have moving components inside the dispenser, which is subject to wear-and-tear and ultimately leads to untimely breakdowns.

The Healthy Splash Touchless Dispensers are not your everyday Dispenser. It is locally manufactured, has a proven track record for its durability, quality finishes and are used in most mainstream hospitals throughout South Africa.

With all our products locally manufactored, it makes it easier for the clients to recieve replacement parts without a long waiting period.

We have a 12-month warranty

 Why is the smell of the sanitiser so strong?

Yes, the smell of the active ingredient (which is the alcohol) can be strong- especially if you do not expect it!  If you do NOT get that strong smell of alcohol, you must worry. This strong smell of alcohol will evaporate in seconds and create a soft minty fragrance left on your hands.


Is the Healthy Splash Dispensers lockable?

Healthy Splash dispensers are fully lockable to prevent theft of batteries, sanitiser or dispensers and tampering with volume control or any other problems. If you have multiple units, the skeleton key will make it easy to lock and unlock all the dispensers – you do not have a specific key for a specific dispenser.